2008-01-05 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Nov. 6: Police responded to a report of suspicious persons on High and Maple streets. Students were collecting donations for the food pantry.

• Nov. 7: Police assisted a motorist with a flattire on Westwood Avenue.

• Nov. 7: Police made an arrest after responding to a report of a suspicious person at Baltimore IGA Express.

• Nov. 8: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle on Buchanan Street. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 8: Police were called about a barking dog on Creekview Drive. Police talked with the owner and the dog was taken inside.

• Nov. 9: Police found an open door at the village wastewater treatment plant. The building was secured.

• Nov. 9: Police were called to a non-injury crash in the high school parking lot.

• Nov. 9: Police took a report on crash involving two vehicles on South Main Street at East Monroe Street. There were no injuries.

• Nov. 9: Police were called to an East Rome Street address. The caller said he went out to his vehicle and heard something take off running towards the woods. He said he locked his vehicle when he came home, but now it was unlocked. Police believes it was deer.

• Nov. 10: Police checked out a report about underage drinking on North Main Street. Police advised the parties about the noise, but there was no underage drinking.

• Nov. 12: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle at the Johnson-Smith Funeral Home. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 12: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle at Shetone TV & Applicance. Entry was gained.

• Nov. 12: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol by locating an individual at a West Market Street apartment.

• Nov. 15: A repossession company told police that a vehicle was going to be temporarily parked in a back lot at a church until the driver could drop off another vehicle.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 19: A North Bank resident reported that someone turfed the lawn of the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club.

• Dec. 19: Police were sent to a Worth Drive residence to inform that a family member was in an accident and life-flighted to OSU Medical Center.

• Dec. 21: A Park Street man reported that someone stole auto parts from his home.

• Dec. 21: Police investigated an alarm drop at the Dollar General Store. Everything was secure.

• Dec. 21: An abandoned vehicle was removed from a restaurant parking lot and taken to impound.

• Dec. 21: Police responded to a report of smoke and a possible electrical fireat the John Cortez residence (Cortez is currently on the run with a warrant for his arrest from the Licking County Sheriff's Office). No people, smoke, or electrical issues at the residence. After forcibly gaining entrance, his home was secured.

• Dec. 21: A Hebron Road resident reported a beagle puppy missing.

• Dec. 22: A 911 hang-up call was reported from a 4th Street residence. A child was playing with the phone.

• Dec. 22: An intoxicated male was reported having trouble breathing. A squad was called, but the man was not transported.

• Dec. 23: A West 2nd Street woman reported that a tree fell on her fence. She needed to make the report for insurance purposes.

• Dec. 23: The Licking County Sheriff's Officerequested that an officerto check a residence for a male subject. The person was not at the residence when the officerarrived, but happened to call when the officerwas present. The man volunteered his location, which was reported to the sheriff's office.

• Dec. 23: A Hebron Road resident reported a lost credit card. The card may have been used at several Buckeye Lake stores after it was reported missing. There's currently no verificationof who was actually using the card after it was reported missing.

• Dec. 26: A Hilton Road resident said a coyote was standing near her vehicle and preventing her from driving it. The coyote was gone when police arrived.

• Dec. 26: A Walnut Road woman reported several items missing from her home.

• Dec. 27: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff's Office with a person threatening suicide.

• Dec. 28: A North Bank Road woman reported someone spray painted her house.

• Dec. 28: A McDonald's employee reported that someone not affiliated with the restaurant entered and was harassing her while she was trying to work.

• Dec. 29: An officerfound an empty vehicle with its lights on and engine running parked near the old McDonald's site. The owner was located at home, who said someone may have stolen the keys. The officerinformed the owner that he saw her walking home shortly before discovering the vehicle. She had no comment.

• Dec. 29: A man was caught stealing dolls from the Family Dollar store.

• Dec. 29: Someone spray painted graffiti on the doors of several 79-360 Mini Storage units.

• Dec. 29: A Highland Ave. woman reported a vehicle turfingher lawn.

• Dec. 30: A Highland Ave. resident claimed to witness a theft incident.

• Jan. 1: Officersobserved a vehicle parked at the North Shore Boat Ramp after dark. They pulled the vehicle over as it exited the North Shore park and found the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, and the vehicle was unsafe to operate.

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