2007-12-22 / Editorials & Letters

Voter wants the promised 24/7 fire/EMS protection


Here we ago again!!! Sonny Dupler and the "trust"ees are playing god with the lives of the citizens of Walnut Township. I know I am repeating everything the editor of the Beacon said and did it much better than I ever could, but this is making me just as angry as it did last year.

I (and we) voted to permanently tax ourselves on the promise of 24/7 fireand EMS protection and Mr. Dupler has again chose to ignore what his constituents have told him to do by that vote. I honestly don't know how he can legally do what he is doing.

When I wrote a letter regarding this issue last year I warned that if any of my family was harmed by this game playing, I would seek legal action against this group. I am very happy that I did not need our firedepartment, but I was glad to know they were there. What would be good now would be for legal action to be taken now against the "trust"ees NOW to stop this ......whatever it is they are doing and give the money that we voted for, to give us the protection we asked for.

I know Mr. Dupler can not do anything without the approval of his partners on the board, but since he seems to want to be the point "trust"ee on this matter then he is going to take the heat from it. It would have been just as easy to be able to take credit by doing the right thing. Tom Turner Millersport

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