2007-12-15 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Dec. 7: A Walnut Road resident reported juveniles were throwing snowballs at trailers.

• Dec. 7: Police received a report of a person refusing to leave a property after being asked to do so. When the person learned the penalty for refusing to leave when asked, he left.

• Dec. 7: Police received a report of dog abandoned outside without food or water. The dog couldn't be located.

• Dec. 8: A Walnut Road woman complained of her neighbor's loud music. Her neighbor agreed to keep the volume down.

• Dec. 8: A vehicle was stopped for a malfunctioning license plate light. The driver was warned to replace the light.

• Dec. 8: A Hebron man reported he was letting his car warm up in front of a bar. He discovered he left his wallet in the bar and returned for it. When he came back out, his car was gone. As of Wednesday, it was still missing.

• Dec. 9: A Walnut Road man reported finding an electric drill in a trash can at his house and a chain saw in a closet. He learned his wife had stolen the items from a neighbor and planned to sell them later. The items were returned to their owner who didn't filecharges, but the owner did want the man's wife prohibited from ever entering his property again.

• Dec. 9: Two people were banned from Albanese's IGA under the suspicion they stole some items. • Dec. 10: A West 1st Street man reported his stepson was being unruly.

• Dec. 11: An officerfound a tractor-trailer stuck on Union Avenue and unable to turn around. Officerassisted with traffic until the truck backed onto Ohio 79.

• Dec. 11: A Walnut Road woman reported her husband came home and "wouldn't shutup." Police said if the man is just talking, no matter how much, there's nothing the police can do about it.

• Dec. 11: The Coshocton County Sheriff's Officecalled, saying there was an injury accident on Ohio 79 in Buckeye Lake's jurisdiction. The accident was actually in Coshocton County.

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