2007-12-08 / Editorials & Letters

'Watchdog' says the GOB's write her material


To dispel a statement that I am making a laughing stock out of the Kirkersville GOB's, here are some quotes from the October minutes in Kirkersville. I believe these minutes show that the GOB's do a finejob of making a laughing stock of themselves. I merely share the cartoon with you.

• (A citizen) asked why would we explain that to deny zoning is against the law. He probably didn't hear the part about if everything meets criteria.

• Motion to adopt 2007-16 on the third reading was made by Brain and seconded by Steve. All voted in favor. Ordinance was read for the seconded time.

• (A citizen) asked a question about will council allow others to assess (water). Not hearing the complete question. I'm sure it was making a point.

Zoning Inspector Tom Frederick's activity log indicates that he spent four hours doing zoning work. His log also shows that he was paid to attend a WATER meeting for two hours.

Public records also reflectthat Chief Chamberlain stated that the operating levy is needed to help with the expenses of having a police force. But, as I recall, in 2004, a Kirkersville Kop found OVER $200,000 in a vehicle. A trust fund was set up for the police to spend this money. Ironic, isn't it…a TRUST fund! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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