2007-12-08 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 21: A West 1st Street woman reported that someone she knew was assaulted.

• Nov. 23: A Hebron man reported the theft of his car's rear license plate.

• Nov. 23: Police responded to a call about domestic dispute between a West 5th Street couple. Neither person wanted to press charges.

• Nov. 29: A Petplex employee reported a theft, but an agreement was worked out with the alleged thief.

• Dec. 1: Police received a report of an impaired driver near the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop. No impaired driver was located.

• Dec. 1: An officerinvestigated a report of domestic dispute at a Walnut Road residence. There was lots of yelling between a couple, but no physical violence. No charges were pressed.

• Dec. 2: An officernoticed a front door open at a Walnut Road residence. There was no evidence of a problem - open and shut case.

• Dec. 2: An officernoticed doors were open on two new builds near the North Shore Boat Ramp. Nothing was disturbed. Doors were secured.

• Dec. 2: Police received a report of a reckless driver on Mill Dam Road. The driver was a 74 year old man with a medical issue who was trying to get home.

• Dec. 2: Police received a report of a possible drunk driver near Scooter's Bar. No impaired driver was located.

• Dec. 2: A Thornville woman said she was threatened while staying at a Buckeye Lake residence.

• Dec. 3: Police were advised about a Buckeye Lake woman with a warrant for her arrest. The woman was not home when police arrived.


• Nov. 1: A manager at Buckeye Outdoors told police that several males had been seen shoplifting in the store. He described a mini-van in the parking lot and provided a partial license number. Police passed a possible suspect van en route. Police checked the parking lot, but didn't see a minivan. Police then looked for the van passed earlier, but didn't findit. Police later got a complete license number. The incident is under investigation.

• Nov. 1: Police on patrol at 1:52 a.m. found an open equipment shed at Evans Park. The area checked OK and the shed was secured.

• Nov. 1: Random license plat checks lead police to a driver under suspension. When the vehicle was stopped, police discovered the driver was also wanted on a FairfieldCounty warrant. He was arrested and turned over to the FairfieldCounty Sheriff's Officeat the county line.

• Nov. 2: A woman with young children at the coin laundry reported that a young man in a vehicle in the parking lot had called her children over and offered them candy. Instead the children ran away from him. Police reached the scene almost immediately and found the suspect. He admitted to talking to the children but denied calling them over and offering them candy. Police said he considered the matter a big joke. The driver was 17 years old. Police advised him and his mother that the incident was not a joke. The complainant was satisfied with the stern warning.

• Nov. 2: A Hamilton Avenue mother told police her 10-yearold son might have been struck by a vehicle on West Main Street near Clay's Cafe. Her son told police that an elderly couple were in the vehicle that struck and they stopped to see if he was OK and then left. The Hebron medic responded and didn't find any injuries. Police checked the area for the vehicle that struck him, but didn't findit.

• Nov. 2: Police made a traffic stop on West Main Street and cited a driver for travelling 66 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• Nov. 2: Police were asked to check on a Broadway Street apartment resident. The person was OK, but her phone was dead.

• Nov. 3: Police were called at 1:31 a.m. about a suspicious vehicle in the McDonald's parking lot. The vehicle was gone when police arrived.

• Nov. 4: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40 and cited a driver for travelling 64 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• Nov. 4: A Canal Road apartment resident complained about a number of harassing calls from the fiancee of her fiancee's exwife. The man called while police were there. The officeranswered and started to advise him to stop calling, but was cut short when the caller hung up. Police called him back, but it went to voicemail so police left him a message about stopping the calls. He called again just as police were leaving. When the officeranswered the phone, he hung up.

• Nov. 5: Police on patrol at 1:15 a.m. saw a man walking through Canal Park. The man said he was taking a short cut to his home. He and his story checked out.

• Nov. 5: A Thornville resident reported the theft of a washer, dryer, air conditioner and a vacuum between Oct. 1 and Nov. 3 from a Lakewood Drive storage unit.

• Nov. 5: Police assisted Kirkersville Police by running a BAC test on an OVI suspect. The woman tested .137.

• Nov. 6: Police on patrol at 2:32 a.m. saw an open gae and a vehicle at Accufilm on North High Street. The person there said the firmwas working three shifts until Thanksgiving.

• Nov. 6: Police received two separate requests from the FBI to provide additional information on persons attempting to buy firearms at Buckeye Outdoors. Both were rejected on the basis of the federal background check. Police spoke with the clerks involved in both attempted purchases.

• Nov. 7: Police were called by an Upper Sandusky Police officerconcerning a possible abduction. The incident began when a Hebron woman told an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper that she had been abducted by her ex-husband. The woman said he had abducted her in Hebron, then took her to his Dresden home where she was raped. Now he was taking her to Michigan. She said she escaped when he went to the bathroom at the Upper Sandusky, Ohio truckstop. Police started questioning her story after it kept changing. The officer wanted to know if Hebron Police were familiar with the complainant. Police said she reported a burglary last month by her ex-husband, but later refused to testify before the Grand Jury. Her ex-husband told police that the two had been together frequency recently and that they were heading at her suggestion to a Christmas store in Michigan because she wanted a break from her family. Hebron Police suggested that she be referred to their department if she wanted to report an abduction.

• Nov. 7: A Maple Avenue woman said her teen age daughter had been chatting on-line with a Columbus teen age boy. After she saw the sexual content in some of the e-mails, she stopped any further contact. The boy then made several indirect threats to her daughter. Police called the boy and advised him to stop all contact with the Hebron girl. Police were also going to speak with his parents.

• Nov. 7: A couple stopped at the police station at 1:35 p.m. to report that a truck stopped in the roadway on Refugee Road at Evans Park. They asked the driver if he was alright and he told them he was "Elmer hunting." The couple thought he might be drunk. The vehicle was gone when police arrived.

Editor's Note: If any reader is familiar with "Elmer hunting," please explain it to us.

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