2007-12-01 / News

Report from the Village: More money for police to be on ballot

By Jim Bartoe, Village Council member

At the village council Monday night the village council voted to hire Big 'O' Waste Management the contract for providing refuse pick up for the village. The monthly cost will be $13.45 to residents and $12.20 to senior citizens. The new contract will begin at the first of the year.

Much discussion was heard on the village water project. At present, we are waiting on an approved contract from Millersport and more information from Hebron. Millersport was holding their meeting at the same time that the Buckeye Lake Council was conducting theirs. Hopefully Millersport will be sending an approved contract to Buckeye Lake and Hebron will be forthcoming with their information. On the March ballot there will be measure asking for our voters to approve a police levy. In any city, town, or village it is a well known fact that the most important entities are the safety forces. Without them the safety of the community is always in jeopardy. With very few or no police officers,residents are at the mercy of anyone who wants to break the law and endanger our citizens, property, and children. The levy on the ballot will be to help keep our police department with a full compliment of officersand equipment. Our officershave not had a pay raise in seven (7) years which shows their dedication to the village. Now we are asking the village to show support for them. The levy will be a 5 mill replacement levy. This does not mean that it will be 5 mills on top of the present 3 mill levy. If the levy passes, the 3 mill levy will be cancelled and a new levy of 5 mills will take its place. This will only be an increase of just over 2 mills. As an example, the new levy will only raise taxes on a $75,000 home approximately $.16 per day. This is a very small price to pay for 24 hour per day police protection. We ask that voters approve the levy and help us to keep you safe.

Now that cold weather is here, everyone should remember their pets and not leave them outside for long periods of time. They get cold the same as we do.

I would like to remind everyone again that they should be sure that furnaces, stoves, and heaters are in good working condition. We do not want to have a home catch on fireand endanger anyone.

We still encourage everyone to come to council meetings to see what is happening in our local government and voice an opinion if you so desire.

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