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Wells hopes council leaves Hayden standing next time


Well, the officialelection results are in. In the Buckeye Lake Council race, a newcomer was the top vote getter and the current President of Council got the least votes.

Council President Charlene Hayden lost the race to retain her original seat. The top four of the fivecandidates were elected to four year terms. Obviously, the one with the least votes would be OUT. However, we like to play games in Buckeye Lake, don't we? So, guess what? She's not out.

Several months ago, Hayden finagled a way to stay on council whether she won or lost in the November election. The opportunity came when John Cortez was removed from council for missing too many meetings. Cortez had two more years to serve, but Hayden's term was up at the year's end.

As the leader of council, it's too bad Hayden didn't do the right thing and insist that council appoint a new member instead of rushing to take John's seat as if she was playing musical chairs.

Hayden might have had a chance to win back her original seat if she would have demonstrated some character and integrity. Instead she got just what she deserved.

The voters sent her a message that they didn't want her for four more years. However, after listening to the recording of the Nov. 12 council meeting, I don't think she got the message. Hayden read a prepared statement thanking her supporters on council for supporting her appointment. She said it showed that they were doing what was for the GOOD of the village. No Charlene, what's best for the village is to let the people choose their representatives.

Hayden said, "We're ALL winners!" NO CHARLENE, you're not ALL winners. You actually LOST your election! You only remain on council because you used your leadership position to jump from one seat to another.

No wonder there's so much apathy about getting out to vote. They don't think their vote counts- the politicians will just do what they want. This time, the politician did what she wanted. But it's important to recognize that the voters still sent her a message.

Since Hayden doesn't "get it," let's wait and see if the rest of council will listen to the voters. Every January, council has an organizational meeting where they choose a new president and set their committees. They need to start the music up again so one of them can jump into President Hayden's seat. Hopefully, when the music stops, she'll be still standing.

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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