2007-12-01 / Editorials & Letters

'Twas the night after the election in Kirkersville'


This poem, with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, was inspired after hearing about the conduct of one of the GOB's after the November 7th Council meeting in Kirkersville. 'Twas the night after election when all through the town The GOB's were stirring including one clown; The votes had been cast and, pulling their hair, The GOB's knew a new mayor soon would be there. They held a meeting and motions were made, The mayor will sign the contract for water, they said. It seems that they'll hurry and push some things through Although the operating levy failed again, too. The GOB's had been nestled and snug in their seats For the past several years they hadn't been beat. Spending your money however they want A new truck for streets, will they get it or not? The meeting was bitter and matter of fact And the GOB's were still feeling the whack. One in particular just couldn't accept That things would be changing on this you could bet. And after the meeting, out on the steps This GOB snapped and said, "What the heck?" Laying his hands aside of his mouth On the steps of town hall he cussed the voters out! He says he'll resign but he's not sure when. He knows his shenanigans will soon have to end. Seeing this scene, other GOB's called And told him to come back inside of town hall. Now Bennie! Now Bill! Now Tom, Mike and Harry On Debbie, on Brian on Bob and Rosemary! To the top of the porch on the steps at town hall Now dash away! dash away! dash away all! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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