2007-11-24 / Editorials & Letters

Liberty Union-Thurston Board explains facilities plan


Members of the Liberty Union-Thurston Local Board of Education want to make parents and community members aware of our plan to complete construction of district facilities. First, we will build a new fifth-grade through eighth-grade building on our land near the elementary school. Second, we will renovate the existing high school building, by updating the mechanical and safety systems, including requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes renovation of our historic auditorium. Other areas to be addressed are a secure bus parking area, maintenance facility and district office.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission requires all district school buildings to be updated per their specifications. We completed renovation of the elementary school with our local share of money raised by the levy passed in May, 2002. A time lapse of more than fiveyears, waiting for OSFC co-funding, has resulted in inflatedconstruction costs. Also, the the most recent evaluation of the high school building indicates the need for an additional amount of renovation. These factors will require us to raise an additional six million local dollars to complete the project.

With passage of a levy in March, 2008, we will receive the state share (60 cents on the dollar, totaling more than 17 million dollars) to complete our construction. We have been waiting a long time for state share!

The purpose of this letter is to inform the community of the construction project facts and hopefully gain community support. We encourage you to contract members of the Board of Education or our superintendent to address questions or concerns about this plan.

We appreciate the support of the residents of the LU-T school district and look forward to a successful levy campaign and completion of our facilities.

Joseph L. Farmer, President John Hutton, Vice President Arthur Brate, Member Kevin Byers, Member S. Michael Raver, Member

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