2007-11-24 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Oct. 10: Police assisted a driver locked out of a vehicle on Washington Street. Entry was gained.

• Oct. 11: Police took a report on a non-injury crash involving two tractor trailer units in the Ohio Paperboard lot.

• Oct. 12: Police responded to a 9-1-1 hang-up call from a Yencer Street home. Kids were playing on the phone.

• Oct. 12: Police responded to an alarm from the ATM at Peoples Bank. It was a problem with the alarm.

• Oct. 12: A Yencer Street resident called about receiving an e-mail about laundering money. Party was advised.

• Oct. 12: Police checked out a report of suspicious vehicle on Elmwood Avenue.

• Oct. 13: Police were called about a verbal domestic dispute on Fairview Avenue. The parties were advised.

• Oct. 13: Police arrested a person wanted on a warrant at a Dorchester Drive home.

• Oct. 14. Police checked out a complaint of a person riding an ATV in the Hansbarger Avenue area. The rider was not located.

• Oct. 17: Police checked out a report of a suspicious vehicle at the Ace Hardware. Everything checked OK.

• Oct. 17: Police stoodby a disabled school bus on West Market Street until it was removed.

• Oct. 18: Police were called about an elderly man with Alzheimer's that is missing on his bicycle. Caller said he might be heading to Reynoldsburg. Police couldn't locate him and notified both Pickerington and Reynoldsburg police to watch for him.

• Oct. 18: Police were called to the high school football field about about threats between students. The suspect and two companions left before police arrived.

• Oct. 18: Police were called to a North Company Street about a civil dispute concerning a live will about ownership of a home. The complainant said she believes children of the property owner removed a note telling them not to be on the property and a metal bar. She added that a restraining order was issued to keep the children off the property. Police took a report.

• Oct. 19: Police were called about an unruly juvenile at the high school. The student was picked up by parents.

• Oct. 19: Police assisted a driver locked out of a vehicle at Liberty Union Elmentary School. Entry gained.

• Oct. 20: Police tried to locate some men in the Romulus Street area soliciting for a home improvement company.

• Oct. 20: Police checked on a 9-1-1 hang-up call for a South Main Street apartment. Juveniles were playing on the phone.

• Oct. 20: A Creekview Drive resident reported a call for her neighbor reporting that someone was inside her home using a flashlight to look around. Police told the complainant, who was enroute home, to wait for officerswhen she arrived there.

• Oct. 22: Police responded to a holdup alarm at FairfieldNational Bank. It was a false alarm.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 11: A Millersport man was cited for running a stop sign at Mill Dam Road and Ohio 79.

• Nov. 16: A Walnut Road woman asked for police assistance to turn off a smoke detector that would not stop sounding. Officerdiscovered a plastic lid on an active stove burner. The lid was burning, which set off the alarm.

• Nov. 16: A landlord doing an eviction found marijuana and paraphernalia on the property. The landlord turned the items over to police.

• Nov. 16: A Walnut Road woman reported her 14 year old daughter missing. The daughter was found safe at the woman's estranged husband's home.

• Nov. 16: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with locating an ill resident, who was located and transported to Licking Memorial Hospital. • Nov. 16: Police received complaint of a man who was intoxicated in public. The man said he was trying to findhis sister's house so he could sleep it off, but got lost. Police contacted the sister, who came for the intoxicated man.

• Nov. 17: A Rosebraugh Circle man said someone broke into a house he owns and uses for storage, and stole several items.

• Nov. 17: A Walnut Road woman turned over to police a set of keys, cigarettes, and a flashlight she found.

• Nov. 17: A Leroy Street man reported he was assaulted by his aunt, who then suffered a seizure. No charges were pressed.

• Nov. 17: A Dollar General employee reported two suspicious men who purchased panty hose and spoke as if they may be planning a robbery.

• Nov. 18: A Cliff Street man said someone stole two batteries from his porch.

• Nov. 19: A trucker reported that someone stole a trailer he was supposed to transport. The trailer contained 43,546 pounds of toothpaste. Police are looking for a suspect with a bright smile and fresh breath.

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