2007-11-17 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Oct. 1: Police were called to Liberty Union High School where a 17-year-old student was refusing to get out of his parents' vehicle and go to school. The student was advised.

• Oct. 1: Police were called about the theft of a park bench that was by the back door of the Main Experience Hair Saloon on North Basil Street.

• Oct. 1: Police were asked to meet with some parents in the school officewho wanted to filecharges against a juvenile. The incident occurred in Hocking County so they were referred there.

• Oct. 1: Police talked to the animal control officer about continuing problem with a barking dog on Creekview Drive.

• Oct. 2: A Washington Street resident complained about an outside refrigerator with the door still on the unit. Police advised the owner about the risk.

• Oct. 2: Police were called about possible stolen vehicle after a friend of the vehicle owner let a potential buyer take a test drive.

• Oct. 2: An East Market Street reported that a man driving a Pro-Pave pickup truck offered to repave the driveway with a left over load of asphalt. Police checked the area, but didn't locate the man or the truck.

• Oct. 3: A Fairview Avenue apartment resident reported vandalism to her vehicle. Police took a report.

• Oct. 3: Police checked out a 9-1-1 hangup call from a Holder Road home. A juvenile was playing on the phone.

• Oct. 5: A caller reported an alarm going off at a South Mill Street home. Police checked with the owner and everything was OK.

• Oct. 5: Police made an arrest in Bail Park for possession of narcotics.

• Oct. 6: Police were requested by referees to standby when a football game ended at Liberty Union High School. There were no incidents.

• Oct. 7: Police checked for a suspicious person in the Water/ North Main streets area. No one was found.

• Oct. 8: Police responded to a 9-1-1 hangup call from the Snack Box Food Mart on South Main Street. Everything was OK.

• Oct. 9: Police checked out an alarm drop on North Main Street. The building checked secure.

Buckeye Lake

• Nov. 5: A Hebron Road man reported that someone stole a 12 gauge shotgun from his home.

• Nov. 8: A New Jersey woman reported that her son mistakenly soaked himself with gasoline while trying to fillher car at a Buckeye Lake gas station. She said the attendant was rude and told her the station didn't have any water available for her son so he could try to clean some of the gasoline from his clothing.

• Nov. 8: Officerreceived a report of a false 911 call from a Lake Road residence. Resident said the phone line was faulty and the problem was being addressed.

• Nov. 8: Officer was dispatched to a West 1st Street residence on a report of a domestic violence incident. No one involved in the incident wanted to press charges.

• Nov. 8: An intoxicated Cliff Street man reported that he loaned his neighbor coffee and cigarette tubes, and wanted his neighbor to give him beer in return. The neighbor refused. The man was advised that it was a civil matter. However, the neighbor agreed to replace the loaned items in the morning.

• Nov. 10: Officerassisted the Licking County Sheriff's Officewith an alarm drop at Bingman's Towing. The business owner accidentally tripped the alarm.

• Nov. 10: A Walnut Road woman reported that a juvenile was picking on her children.

• Nov. 11: Officerwas advised that a Walnut Road resident called the Crisis Hotline and was considering suicide. By the time the officerarrived at the residence, the officerwas advised the person was on her way to check herself into Licking Memorial Hospital.

• Nov. 11: A West 1st Street woman said she was having problems with her 15 year old son. He was advised to listen to his parents, which he said he understood.

• Nov. 11: A Newark man reported that someone tried to break into a property he owns in Buckeye Lake. Nothing was stolen, but there was minor damage to the doors.

• Nov. 13: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a person who had a broken leg. The person was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

• Nov. 13: An officer was called to a Hebron Road residence where a person burned a car. The arsonist was at large as of Wednesday afternoon. The car was not operating and was towed to the Hebron Road residence where it was later ignited. An arson investigation is pending.

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