2007-11-17 / News

Detty replaces Lines on Millersport Council

By Charles Prince

MILLERSPORT - Paul Detty was unanimously elected to a four year, 45 day term on Millersport Village Council Tuesday night.

Council members selected Detty to replace Sandra Lines who resigned Oct. 22 to accept a position with the village as secretary of the Board of Public Affairs. Lines ran unopposed for reelection and was elected for another four year term last week. Detty will finish the rest of Lines' current term then her new four-year term beginning Jan. 1. Detty, a retired law enforcement officer,regularly attends council meetings. Council member Dave Levacy was elected to replace Lines as president pro tem.

In other business Tuesday night, village officials told Fire Chief Bill Yates to wait for a signed contract with Walnut Township before filling the January work schedule. The village's one year contract with Walnut Township for fireand EMS services expires at the end of the year. Earlier contracts had been for four years, but the township insisted that it be a oneyear contract this year.

Mayor Dean Severance proposed and council members agreed that the village should seek a four-year contract. Severance noted that voters approved both of the one-mill continuous fire/EMS levies on the ballot. That now means the township has fivemills of continuous fire/EMS levies. That means, Severance said, that trustees can't claim that uncertainty about future funding precludes a longer contract.

"I would like to push to have a fouryear contract signed by the end of the year," Severance said. He will contact Trustee Sonny Dupler to set up a meeting with a trustee and the township's special legal counsel, and himself, Levacy and the village's attorney. Council member Charles Mesko suggested simply extending the current contract for an additional four years.

Council members also learned that Crace Construction failed to meet the extended deadline of Nov. 11 to complete the village's new water treatment plant. The original deadline was Sept. 28, but the village agreed to extend it for 45 days without penalty. Crace will be penalized $100 per day from Nov. 11 until the plant is completed. Crace will not be penalized for the additional time required to complete two change orders.

Work will start next week on the village's Phase 1 waterline extension. Applications for grant assistance have been filed for Phase 2 & 3. Council members learned that Buckeye Lake Mayor Frank Foster has been talking with Mike Carder of GGC Engineers, who serves as Millersport's village engineer. Carder is expecting a draft proposal from Buckeye Lake, possibly as early as this week.

Commander Eric Brown of the Fairfield/Hocking Major Crime Unit encouraged village officials and residents to call on the unit for help with drug activity. "I don't get a lot of information from up here," Brown said. "I'd love to make a difference up here." The unit, which receives state and federal funding, focuses on narcotic investigations in Fairfieldand Hocking counties and provides some assistance in other southeastern Ohio counties. He encouraged anyone with information about the sale or use of illegal narcotics to call the unit at (740) 653-5224. Anonymous calls are accepted. He cautioned officials not to expect immediate solutions. The unit has undercover officers at work in both counties and in Columbus.

Council members also signed a letter from Severance to ODOT District 5 Director Don Barber requesting that the speed limit on Ohio 204 be changed to a uniform 25 mph within the village limits. The speed limit is currently 35 mph with the exception of 20 mph in the school zone during restricted hours. The letter also requested that ODOT move 55 mph speed limit sign near the Village Twist to beyond the school zone. The sign is confusing to drivers who are leaving the village limits but are still within the school zone.

Council member Jim Wright said his efforts to raise $2,900 for a rebuilt laser gun for the police department to monitor speed has received a $500 donation from the Millersport American Legion Post. Wright is still waiting to hear back from the Millersport Lions Club, Millersport Odd Fellows, Buckeye Lake Eagles and Buckeye Lake VFW. He plans to ask area businesses for donations as well.

Council members marked the second reading of an ordinance to increase water and sewer rates. If approved next month, the new rates would be effective next April. It's the first rate increase in several years.

The safety committee interviewed one part-time police officerapplicant before the meeting and planned to interview another after the council meeting. Council's next regular meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11 in the village offices.

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