2007-11-17 / Editorials & Letters

Candidate frustrated by low Liberty Township turnout


I would like to personally thank all those that voted for Liberty Township trustee and wish to congratulate Mr. Ety on his re-election. We are a most fortunate people where "we the people" still have the opportunity to elect those that represent us.

Many have spent countless hours over the past two years to obtain resident opinions related to future township growth and development. The completed survey indicated 9 out of 10 would like to retain the rural character we all presently enjoy. Of 5,433 registered voters, only 425 voters supported the candidate promoting preserving the township's rural character and managing future growth. Of 5,433 registered voters, 3,845 decided not to vote, allowing others to make the decision for them!

I deeply appreciate those who voted for me and those supporting to preserve our township and manage future growth. I will continue to work and encourage others to keep Liberty Township and the Village of Baltimore a great place to live.

Ron Galliher Liberty Township

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