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'Watchdog' congratulates new Kirkersville mayor


Last week I submitted a word puzzle to the Beacon. I apologize, but the word 'ticket' is not in the puzzle. It was simply a typo by me and totally unintentional. But if you drive through Kirkersville with a taglight out; fail to signal coming out of the Flying J; or travel 47 in the 50 mph zone (in front of Flying J), you'll likely finda ticket sporting a hefty fineslapped in your hand by one of the Kirkersville Kops.

Incidentally, while driving through Kirkersville a couple of weeks ago, I noticed what I believed was a FORMER police officerdriving a cruiser. A call to GOK (Good Ole Kop) Chief Chamberlain confirmedthat they had indeed "re" hired a police officerwho had been let go by Chief Chamberlain (for non-compliance) just a few short months ago. Chief Chamberlain explained that they had "staffing problems and this officerwas "willing to come back." Chamberlain also stated that he felt this officerhad "learned his lesson." He went on to say, "It's not like I have officerswanting to apply." He then told me that officerswon't apply because they are afraid of ME!!!

Kirkersville voters have unseated big time GOB (Good Ole' Boy) Mayor Bennie (Jim) Evans and, for the third time, have said "NO" to the operating levy. I sincerely congratulate the newly elected Kirkersville Mayor Terry Ashcraft. I suspect that the first of the year will bring something to Kirkersville that is very much

And speaking of accountability, in a June issue of the Beacon I wrote about a county job that Mayor Evans' son-in-law Steve Piatt (VP of All Construction formerly owned by Mayor Bennie Evans who is also the Licking County Rehab Inspector) had messed up. Some work had to be re-done. It cost almost $4,000 and was paid for by taxpayers…not Piatt.

Just a few months ago, I was given a county rehab contractors list by the Planning Commission in which didn't list Piatt. But, just recently, I asked Warren Weber (a Licking County Planning Commission manager) if Piatt was still working/bidding on county rehab jobs. He answered, "Yes." I asked why Piatt's name was not on the contractors list and he answered that I must have an outdated list. Why would the Planning Commission hand out 'outdated' lists?

Mr. Weber is also a member of the Kirkersville International Property Code Board. This board was created by the GOB's, but its purpose is unclear and, to my knowledge, they have never had a meeting. I guess it's just a way to keep some of the mayor's GOB buddies in the county from feeling left out.

I hope county commissioners remember that some of their seats are up for re-election next year and, just like the Kirkersville citizens, county voters also want accountability!

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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