2007-11-10 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Sept. 26: Police were called to Liberty Union Elementary School on a report that students on a bus were possibly passing around drugs.

• Sept. 26: Police were notified that a man wanted on a warrant was washing a vehicle on Romulus Street. Police arrested the man and took him to jail.

• Sept. 27: Police were called about a hit/skip accident at Liberty Union Middle School. A mirror on a parked vehicle was damaged by a passing vehicle.

• Sept. 27: Police were called about a truck mud running in field behind a North Creekview Court home. Police were unable to findthe vehicle.

• Sept. 28: Police responded to a holdup alarm at the Marathon station. It was accidentally tripped.

• Sept. 28: Police were called to a Fairview Avenue apartment about threats being made by known individual. The parties were advised.

• Sept. 28: Police were called about some smashed pumpkins on North Creekview Drive. Police spoke with the parents of the juvenile suspects.

• Sept. 29: Police were called about two individuals throwing corn into the bed of a pickup truck on Holder Road. Police learned he two were removing the first fiverows of corn for a construction project.

• Sept. 29: Police were unable to locate anyone setting off fireworks on Fairview Avenue.

• Sept. 29: Police found an open door at Basil Park on North High Street. The building checked OK and was secured.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 29: An officerstopped

vehicle missing a front license plate. The officerfound the driver,

Hebron man, never had a driver's license.

• Oct. 30: A Hebron Road man reported that his mother left their temporary residence, where they were staying after their house burned down, very upset. The man was worried about her. Police found her at the man's grandmother's house. The mother said she was fineand just needed a place to "decompress."

• Nov. 1: An officertook a report of a missing juvenile, who was later found by his mother and returned home. The juvenile was placed under house arrest for curfew violation.

• Nov. 1: A Newark woman reported that someone damaged her car.

• Nov. 1: A Lake View Drive man reported someone broke into a house he owned and broke a water line, causing flood damage.

• Nov. 1: A Lake View Drive man reported someone broke into a house he owned and damaged wall paneling.

• Nov. 2: A Walnut Road man reported that someone stole wheels and various items from a truck parked in an overflow lot.

• Nov. 2: An officerreceived a call about a possible domestic dispute at a Central Avenue home. Officerfound there was a civil standby in progress so someone could remove items from the property.

• Nov. 4: A Heath woman asked an officerto help her recover a juvenile from a Buckeye Lake residence, where the juvenile was not allowed to be.

• Nov. 5: A Hebron Road man reported that someone stole a shotgun from his home.

• Nov. 5: A Union Avenue man reported a front door was open on the home across the street from his own. The house is vacant, nothing was stolen, and the door was secured.

• Nov. 6: An officer transported a man to jail after the man was convicted of driving under suspension in Mayor's Court.

• Nov. 6: A West 1st Street woman reported that her husband grabbed her roughly, but she didn't want to press any charges.

Hebron • Sept. 8: Police were asked to assist Buckeye Lake Police with a fight at Ryan Park. Police were told to disregard enroute.

• Sept. 8: Police were called at 9:59 p.m. about an 11-year-old boy left home alone. Police said the boy seemed fineand called his mother. She said she was coming home soon. She agreed to let the boy stay with a neighbor until she arrived.

• Sept. 9: Police made a traffic stop on East Main Street at Basin Street and cited a driver for going 41 mph in a 25 mph zone.

• Sept. 10: A Hebron Road trailer park resident told police that a Columbus man called and told him that he was coming to his home and cause problems. Police tried calling the suspect, but no one answered.

• Sept. 10: Police received a report about a break-in at the former car dealership on West Main Street. Police discovered that a side door had been pried open. Most of the interior windows had been smashed.

• Sept. 10: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police on a domestic dispute on West 2nd Street.

• Sept. 10: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at South High Street and cited a motorist for driving while under suspension.

• Sept. 10: Police meet a man at the Buckeye Lake Police station who said he was involved in a non-injury accident on West Main Street in Hebron. He said a pickup truck struck the rear of his vehicle. The complainant followed the other driver to his home where he offered the complainant $100 not to call police. Police then followed the complainant to a West Main Street home where he pointed out the pickup that struck his vehicle. No one would answer the door. Police returned later and cited the driver for failure to assure clear distance ahead and driving under suspension.

• Sept. 11: Police were dispatched to a domestic dispute on Lake Forest Drive between a mother and her 20-year-old son. He told police that his mother started shouting at him because he was drunk. His mother said he had been staying out late and coming home drunk. She told him that if that continued, he would have to findanother place to live. She said he responded by punching and kicking things in the house, causing her to fear for her safety. Police arrested the son for domestic violence. Police learned he was on probation for underage consumption and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail and police notified the on-duty probation officerof his arrest.

• Sept. 11: Police responded to a hold-up alarm at Park National Bank. Police were advised enroute that an employee had accidentally tripped it.

• Sept. 11: Police told a report about a driver leaving the Duke station without paying for $20 of gas. Police checked the Lakewood High School parking lot for any vehicles matching the description, based on the age of the driver.

• Sept. 11: Police took a report of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus on East Main Street.

• Sept. 11: Police were called to an East Main Street home where a woman said an ex-boyfriend had come there to take back a dog he had given her. She told police the dog is staying with her and she doesn't want him at her home again. Police called him and left a message to that effect.

• Sept. 12: Police on patrol at 1:50 a.m. saw a suspicious vehicle at Hebron Dental. The vehicle had expired fictitious plates. Police had the vehicle impounded.

• Sept. 12: Police made two separate traffic stops on Ohio 79 at South High Street. Two drivers were cited - one for 67 mph in a 50 mph zone and the other for 70 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• Sept. 12: Police were called about a driveoff at the Duke station. When a manager was reviewing the tape, the driver was recognized as a regular customer. The complaint was dropped as the manager planned to call the customer.

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