2007-10-27 / News

Buckeye Lake recycling trailer moves to Hebron

By Charles Prince

BUCKEYE LAKE - Buckeye Lake residents are going to have a drive a bit farther to recycle their cans, plastic containers and cardboard. The recycling trailer located at the waste water treatment plant on Hilton Street is now in Hebron.

The trailer is now located in Harry and David's parking lot on a trial basis. "It wasn't being utilized enough (in Buckeye Lake)," Larry Lloyd, director of Licking County Recycling and Litter Prevention, told The Beacon. "We were pulling that trailer about once every three weeks," he explained. "We pull the rest of the trailers at least once a week."

Harry and David's had requested a recycling trailer so the Buckeye Lake trailer was moved there to see what happens, Lloyd said. It's been there about two weeks. The trailer is accessible to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Lloyd said. Access is via the main gate on Enterprise Drive off of Ohio 79.

Poor utilization wasn't the only problem in Buckeye Lake. Lloyd said workers discovered that rodents and snakes also took up residence in some of the bins. He attributed that to the infrequent dumping.

The Hebron recycling trailer is still located at Canal Park just off Canal Road. It's probably closer than the Harry and David trailer for most Buckeye Lake residents, Lloyd said.

Buckeye Lake residents can still recycle newspapers, magazines and officepaper without leaving town by using the Paper Retriever container behind the post office.

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