2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Just voting for Bourne, Peterson for council


There are ONLY TWO candidates that will get my support for Buckeye Lake Village Council: Drew Bourne and Jeryne Peterson.

Council has seven members. Four are up for re-election and three have terms that expire in 2009. One of the council members who was up for re-election jumped into an unexpired seat to make sure she was guaranteed at least two more years. But now she is also running to see if she can get four years. Those fivecandidates and a newcomer are campaigning. Only one of them will be left out in the cold. Jim Bartoe and Shelly (Schwartz) Swick do not have to run this time around.

For the most part, it will be the same group. But we do have a say in how long some of them get to stay in office.As former council members, Peggy Wells and I support Bourne and Peterson. Let's vote for candidates who stay in their own elected seats instead of jumping chairs to make sure they stay on council no matter how you vote.

Exercise your right to vote on November 6.

Brenda Hileman Buckeye Lake

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