2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

'Prince has proven he cares about us'


Thanks to Charlie Prince for running for Union Township Trustee. We need a change on that Board of Trustees! Shame on Union Township for spending more on their health insurance than they do on paving or police services.

And, I agree with what I've been reading. Where were the Township Trustees when the county commissioners wanted to raise our sewer bills 69%? They didn't come to the big public meeting at Lakewood and they never went to bat for us. Seems like that's the least they could do since they don't have any problem accepting $30,000 in property taxes paid by Buckeye Lake Village residents. I guess they don't care because their own homes are on septic systems!

Well, Charlie's house isn't on the Buckeye Lake Sewer System either, but that didn't stop him from helping. Luckily, Charlie and some others got involved. They convinced commissioners to reduce the new proposed monthly sewer rate from $49 to $37. I think $37 is still too much but it's better than $49!

Another concern I have is flooding. East Street and my front yard floods during heavy rains. Why are trustees opposed to the flood plan created after years of work by the local conservancy district? Instead of looking out for a few of their farmer friends, the trustees should be doing what's best for the whole area.

Charlie has proven HE cares about us and WILL BE a great Trustee.

Gayle Thomas Buckeye Lake

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