2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

This is it for Letters: Galliher will work with residents, not against


Trustee Ety is a nice individual, but has not acted on behalf of us as a trustee of Liberty Township, when he decided on previous zoning issues. He has previously acted as a "rubber stamp" for the developers. Trustees are here to work for us, not to help outside developers make profits.

Many had hoped Ety would have listened to residents and understood our expectations for Liberty Township. He cannot say we have not shown him what we want from an elected officialrepresenting our community. Residents voted down poor zoning decisions, removed two former trustees who would not change, and answered many questions on a land use plan survey that showed we are not satisfied with poor zoning/uncontrolled growth. But I have not seen anything, from township meetings and votes, that allow me to believe Trustee Ety will ever consider our message.

Help our township by electing Ron Galliher as trustee of Liberty Township. He will work with township residents, not against us. Galliher has already helped our township: attending many township meetings, being a member of the Liberty Township land use plan committee, and serving as an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Galliher is a registered Professional Engineer with the State of Ohio, attended The Ohio State University, and has over 30 years engineering and management experience. Upon being elected he has promised to "perform an engineering assessment of all township roads and develop an effective and fiscally responsible road repair and maintenance schedule."

Scott Wray Liberty Township

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