2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Prince website praised


I've been checking out the Union Township website and I'm quite impressed! Oh sorry . . . I guess it's NOT the officialgovernment website. It's the website of Charlie Prince, candidate for Union Township Trustee. Well, it could be and SHOULD be the township website. No where else on the web can you access so many Union Township public documents including the zoning resolution, meeting minutes, audits, financial statements and even the check register!

It's unfortunate that access to public records is not as high up on the trustees' agenda. It would be a real service for the residents of Union Township, which includes the Villages of Hebron and Buckeye Lake.

Developing a website would allow everyone to be better informed and the documents could be easily accessed from our homes. Maybe the trustees could cut down on all that money their spending on salaries, benefits and insurance and spend just a little to serve the taxpayers. Could it be that they don't want us to be well informed? If so, a website may not serve their purpose.

I'm impressed that Charlie would take the time and effort to create a professional website from which we can all benefit. This initiative is a good preview of what we COULD have in a Union Township Trustee -- an elected official who believes strongly in open meetings, access to public records and financial accountability. Please vote on November 6 for Charles Prince as Trustee for Union Township.

Peggy A. Wells Buckeye Lake

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