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Another Letter: 'Watchdog' wants water vote


I asked the Kirkersville Village Clerk, Johnny (Bob) Adkins, if Computer Jerk Bill Harper gets paid to attend Mayor's Court. He said, "No. He's just diligent in attending." So I requested copies of the invoices that Harper turns in to the village to see why he would be so "diligent." Here's the most recent one (September, 2007): Village Clerk 1.75 hrs. Zoning 2.75 hrs. Mayor's Court 2.25 hrs. Police Dept. 2.50 hrs. Total Hour 9.25 hrs. @ $30.00/ hour = $277.50 Due

In addition to Bill Harper "diligently" spending your tax dollars, don't forget that Council gave themselves a TRIPLE raise. The Mayor and Village Clerk also got a huge raise. The Village Clerk has a helper who is PAID $20+ dollars per hour. These GOB's think nothing about recklessly spending your hard earned tax dollars on themselves.

An ad in the Beacon reads "Deal or no deal?" and tells people of a meeting regarding public water. However, the ad goes on to tell you how they are only allowing one vote per household; one vote from the owner of a multi-family apartment building! The tenants in these buildings will be paying a water bill but won't have a say in it?! Here's what the law says:

743.24 Municipal corporations may contract for a water supply - contract to be submitted to a vote.

A municipal corporation may contract with any individual or an incorporated company for supplying water for firepurposes, or for cisterns, reservoirs, streets, squares, and other public places within its limits, or for the purpose of supplying the citizens of such municipal corporation with water for such time, and upon such terms as is agreed upon. Such contract shall not be executed or binding upon the municipal corporation until it has been ratified by a vote of the electors thereof, at a special or general election. The municipal corporation shall have the same power to protect such water supply and prevent the pollution thereof as though the water works were owned by such municipal corporation.

The GOB's are changing democracy in Kirkersville by taking away your right to vote amongst other things. They are creating a dictatorship that would make the old New Rome GOB's proud and I think that Mayor Evans is undoubtedly the head 'tater for allowing this 'slap in the face of democracy' to continue! Mayor's Court Incomes for September, 2007 Buckeye Lake $1,460 Hebron $2,515 Kirkersville $10,006!!!! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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