2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Prince helped cut Buckeye Lake sewer bills


My wife and I have been residents and taxpayers in Buckeye Lake for 32 years. I served on council with Jack Fisk and the others. Most people my age are probably retired, but I still enjoy going to work every day.

We all pay enough with property taxes, assessments and sewer bills. When the county announced the sewer bill would jump $20 a month, everyone was pretty upset but we figured there wasn't much we could do. We started reading about the work of a few people who were talking to the commissioners about a lower interest loan and rates for the sewer expansion.

Charlie Prince was a key part of this volunteer effort. They kept after the county until they were convinced to apply for a low interest loan and to consider their other recommendations. Our bill still went up, but $8 a month instead of $20.

Many of us don't know how to fight a county government that has the power to increase sewer rates so drastically. Others, like Charlie Prince, get involved and make something good happen.

I met Charlie when he started the Beacon. Whenever I needed information as a council member, Charlie always took the time to share his knowledge or steer me to the sources that I could check out myself. I've always been impressed by his knowledge of public issues.

I recommend Charlie Prince for Union Township Trustee. Let's put him to work for us.

Russell Cameron Buckeye Lake

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