2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Vote 'YES' - 'YES' for Lakewood Schools


I am urging all Lakewood School District residents to vote "yes + yes" on the Lakewood Levy Issues on November 6th. Hopefully by now Lakewood citizens have received information on the Levy issues and understand the funding challenges facing the district. The last levy was passed in 2003 and is set to expire without renewal by the district voters. Issue 20 will basically renew the 2003 levy.

Unfortunately because our state legislature is phasing out the revenue the school district receives from businesses on tangible personal property taxes, Lakewood is being forced to findother sources of revenue to replace the lost tax revenue. Issue 21 would collect 1.0% income tax on earned income only from Lakewood residents.

The district is doing its part to reduce expenses by trimming expenses by over $700,000 over the past two years without sacrificingthe quality education we have grown accustom to over the past several years.

Our children today are the citizens of tomorrow. Together we can make our voices heard by voting "yes + yes" and provide the district with the necessary resources to continue to provide an excellent education to our community kids.

Please support the Lakewood School District levies on November 6th.

Trisha Good Hebron

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