2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Factor supported for Thorn Township Trustee


I have had the opportunity to work with Dale Factor through Thorn Township Zoning for several years.

Being tasked with enforcing zoning according to what the Zoning Commission and the trustees have set in the township Zoning resolutions has not always made Dale the most popular person. He has made tough decisions equally and fairly.

Dale has educated himself on the operations of the township and has always done more than is required. When he tells you he will do something you can be assured he will do it. He has the leadership ability to continue to move our township forward. Dale will always tell the truth, even if that isn't whay you may want to hear.

I encourage you to vote for Dale Factor for Thorn Township Trustee on Nov. 6. He is the right person.

Bob Coleman Thorn Township

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