2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Lakewood needs both levies


Lakewood Athletic Boosters encourage all district voters to vote YES for both issues on the Nov. 6 ballot. We are a non-profit organization that helps fund the entire Lakewood athletic program. Although the district has a budget for the athletic department, it would be very difficultto provide all that every team needs without the support of the Boosters.

Passing both of these issues is about more than our athletic program. Recently, Lakewood has made great strides academically. To keep making progress, our community must provide the necessary financial support. A "Yes" vote on the renewal levy will allow Lakewood to continue to collect the same millage that was requested and approved in 2003. The district promised to make this levy last for fiveyears and it has. For voters who qualify for the expanded homestead exemption, you'll pass less for the renewal.

A one percent earned income tax is also on the ballot. Income from Social Security, pensions and interest/dividends will NOT be taxed. An income tax helps "spread" the tax burden on an ability to pay basis, rather than increasing property taxes. No one likes to pay more taxes, but until our state legislature resolves funding issues, we have to shoulder the load locally. We can't penalize our students while this debate is worked out - we need to take care of our children and support both issues.

Please vote "YES" on both Lakewood issues. Quality education - it isn't just for our kids, it's for our community!

Dan Overman, President Lakewood Athletic Boosters

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