2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Pauline Ety asks for your support


Walnut Township voters have entrusted me with their tax dollars for 16 years. I am pleased to report that their hard earned money has been invested well and we have a beautiful community to prove it. As Fiscal Officer,I am responsible for planning a working budget for the township, paying expenditures responsibly, keeping true and accurate records of township proceedings, and planning for the financial future. It also gives me great pride to report to you that as your Fiscal Officermy audits from the State of Ohio have been excellent.

I have conservatively managed the township budget. We have applied for and been awarded over two million dollars in grants during my 16 years. By having grant writing knowledge and experience, we have written some of the grants ourselves, thus saving your tax dollars for other projects.

The State of Ohio has entrusted its confidencein my fiscal officerexperience by contracting my services to assist and train other clerks and fiscal officersin numerous townships, villages, libraries, and firedistricts throughout the State of Ohio.

Being an active member of the Ohio Township Association, I regularly attend training sessions at the Ohio Township Summer and Winter Conferences. I graduated from the Ohio Institute, Ohio Township Leadership Academy. I am a retired officerand paramedic with the Millersport Fire Department.

I ask for your support in re-electing me, Pauline Ety, as Walnut Township Fiscal Officer.(237)

Pauline Ety Millersport

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