2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Keep Acord working


I'm urging Licking township residents to vote for Ron Acord for Licking Township Trustee. Ron Acord is a hard working trustee that has the best interest of the residents in mind. Ron will respond to calls at any time. He has left his family at holiday gatherings to take care of tree limbs that have fallen on roadways. Ron left a movie to remove a huge tree in the roadway at Harbor Hills.

Ron has experience running all township equipment. That saves taxpayers money when emergencies happen on weekends and Ron can do he work rather than paying overtime to employees.

Ron goes out on the weekends to plow snow during the winter and helps mow during the summer. Ron Acord is an honest trustee that is always looking out for Licking Township residents.

Problems don't always get solved to the resident's satisfaction, but do get solved by working with the township's legal advisor.

Vote for Ron Acord for Licking Township Trustee and keep his experience working.

Judy Vanoster Licking Township

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