2007-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Buckeye Lake fire levy supported


The members of the Buckeye Lake Fire Department are asking our residents to support the replacement Fire Levy on November 6, 2007. Though we are not asking for an increase in millage, we are asking for an increase to current tax value.

This increase will cost the resident of a $ 50,000 home approx. $ 27.90 per year and the resident of a $ 100,000 home $ 55.80 per year. While these amounts are not staggering, we understand that they are significantto at least some portion of our residents. The last time the firedepartment asked for an increase in funds was in 1997.

As you can imagine, our costs have increased the same as yours. Try to imagine paying the cost of 2007 bills with 1997 money. We have only managed to survive because we were able to save money for the first couple of years. Now, we have been using some of that saved money each year. We have also put off replacing a 1994 ambulance.

In the coming weeks, prior to the election, members of the department will be going door to door. Please feel free to ask them questions. If the member does not know the answer, they will take your information and will make sure your questions are answered. All we are asking is that you "Help Us Help You". Thank you in advance.

David S. Ruton, Buckeye Lake Fire Fighters Association

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