2007-10-27 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• Sept. 11: Police were called about a person making threats to an East Water Street resident.

• Sept. 11: Police were called about an unruly female juvenile in the high school office.She was sent home to her foster home.

• Sept. 12: Police were advised of a vehicle repossession on East Cliff Street.

• Sept. 12: Police were called about a vehicle not stopping while a school bus was unloading passengers on West Market Street.

• Sept. 13: Police were called about numerous gun shots behind the Subway on West Market Street. Police discovered that fireworks were being set off. The parties were advised.

• Sept. 13: Police were advised of a vehicle repossession on Tower Street.

• Sept. 15: A Holder Road resident told police her neighbors' are controlling her garage door and not letting her get into her own garage. Police determined it is a mental health issue.

• Sept. 15: Police were asked to check a Buchanan Street residence frequently after the resident reported threats.

• Sept. 16: Police were called about a fight on East Market Street. Police didn't see a fight, but advised the parties.

• Sept. 16: Police took a report after an Oak Street resident reported that a vehicle windshield was smashed overnight.

• Sept. 16: Police were called about a barking dog on Yencer Street. Owner will take care of it.

• Sept. 16: A Yencer Street resident reported that someone threw something at her home and broke a window.

• Sept. 20: A Washington Street woman told police she thinks her neighbor keeps turning her water hose on. No one was there when police arrived.

• Sept. 20: An East Rome Street resident reported subjects shooting bows in the woods behind her home. Police didn't findanyone there.

• Sept. 22: A South Main Street apartment resident reported someone knocking on doors at 4:38 a.m. Police checked the area, but didn't findanyone.

• Sept. 22: Police were called about barking dogs on West Maple Street. Parties were advised.

• Sept. 25: Police advised of a vehicle repossession at Ohio Paperboard Corporation.

• Sept. 25: Police were called about a dispute between neighbors on West Market Street over a fence line. Police took a report.

• Sept. 25: Police were called about subjects living out of a van parked in front of a resident on Fairview Avenue and at the Fast Max. The subject told police he is living in an apartment, not his van.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 18: A Walnut Road woman reported her juvenile daughter ran away from home. The daughter was found and returned home safely.

• Oct. 20: A Walnut Road man reported his mountain bike was stolen.

• Oct. 21: A West 4th Street man locked his neighbor inside his apartment. The neighbor was released.

• Oct. 21: An officerassisted Hebron Police with a disturbance report of a man brandishing a martial arts weapon called a Kindo stick.

• Oct. 21: An officerassisted the Licking County Sheriff's Officewith a man who was threatening to jump from a bridge. Officerlocated and detained the jumper until deputies arrived.

• Oct. 21: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with traffic control at the KOA.

• Oct. 21: A 7th Street woman reported that someone threatened to kill her over a domestic dispute.

• Oct. 21: A Newark woman reported she thought Buckeye Lake juveniles damaged her car.

• Oct. 21: A Maplewood Drive man reported he was assaulted.

• Oct. 21: A Buckeye Lake Yacht Club employee reported a breaking and entering, but no items were removed from the club.

• Oct. 22: An officerinvestigated a disturbance at a West 1st Street residence between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The granddaughter was advised to leave.

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