2007-10-20 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from elected police activity reports.


• Sept. 1: Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute on Fremont Street. Parties were advised. • Sept. 1: Police responded to report of a verbal domestic dispute on South Main Street. The male half had left.

• Sept. 2: Police on patrol at 2:41 a.m. saw an open garage door on Walnut Street. The door was secured.

• Sept. 2: A North Park Drive man reported the theft of Vicodin. • Sept. 2: Police assisted motorist locked out of a vehicle at the Dollar General store. Entry was gained.

• Sept. 2: Police were called to an Oak Street home after the owner reported finding an open door on returning home. Nothing appeared to be missing.

• Sept. 2: Police were called about a barking dog on Kumler Road. The dog's owner was not home.

• Sept. 3: Police took a report after a Fairview Avenue apartment resident said he was assaulted by a named suspect.

• Sept. 4: Police took a report of vandalism to the weight building at Liberty Union High School.

• Sept. 4: Police were called about a possible burglary in progress. A North Basil Street resident opened a garage door and discovered that the door from the garage to the house was opened. A box had been moved in the garage. Police checked the home and it was secure.

• Sept. 4: Police were called about skateboarders at the Lunch Box that refused to leave the premises. The juveniles were advised to stay off the property.

• Sept. 4: Police took a report after a Fairview Avenue apartment resident reported the theft of some rings and prescription drugs.

• Sept. 4: Police were called to Liberty Union Elementary School on a report of someone entering a school bus and turning on all the lights. Police turned off the lights and the buses checked OK.

• Sept. 6: Police checked out a report of gun shots in the woods behind Alt Park. No one was in the area.

• Sept. 6: A Washington Street woman reported the theft of money by a known subject.

• Sept. 7: Police took a report on a private property accident at Baltimore IGA Express.

• Sept. 7: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle on North Park Drive. Entry was gained.

• Sept. 8: Police checked out a report of a sound of something hitting metal at Baltimore Truck & Trailer. No one was there, but police saw a damaged trailer that had some metal flapping in the wind.

• Sept. 9: Police were called about a juvenile threatening to commit suicide at a West Market Street home. A guardian took the juvenile to the hospital with police following the vehicle.

• Sept. 10: Police took a report of a theft on Yencer Street.

• Sept. 11: An employee at the Baltimore IGA Express reported that a motorist drove off without paying for $10 of fuel. A license plate number as provided.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 11: A New Albany man said someone broke into a house he was repairing and stole his tools.

• Oct. 12: Heath Police asked police to check a residence for a specific vehicle. It wasn't there.

• Oct. 12: An officerwent to a Walnut Road residence on a domestic violence call, but found a resident had mental issues. The resident was evaluated at Licking Memorial Hospital.

• Oct. 12: Officerassisted with a squad run to a Stewart Street residence.

• Oct. 13: A Walnut Road woman reported an attempted break-in.

• Oct. 14: A Walnut Road man reported that a juvenile damaged his car.

• Oct. 14: A Bay View man reported that his neighbor threatened him with a knife. The neighbor denied the incident.

• Oct. 15: A Missouri trucker reported his trailer was missing from the Buckeye Lake Truck Stop.

• Oct. 16: A West 1st Street woman was arrested for traffickingcocaine. • Oct. 16: A Renner Street woman reported she was receiv ing menacing calls over her Nextel two-way phone.

• Oct. 16: A Thornville woman reported that someone keyed her truck.

• Oct. 17: A Stewart Street, who was acting as a land agent for her recently deceased mother, wanted her husband removed from her mother's property, and she wanted to file a complaint against her brother, whom she thought had her mother's car without permission.

• Oct. 17: A Seymour Street woman reported an attempted break-in.


• Sept. 7: Police on patrol at 1:26 a.m. in Evans Park saw a vehicle and two motorcycles heading south on Canyon Road. Lights were turned off in all three vehicles as they approached Refugee Road. All three then proceeded across Refugee Road and into a soybean field, stopping next to a small barn. Police requested assistance from another officerand then approached the vehicles. Both motorcycle drivers claimed they were following a woman driving a car that was overheating. People discovered that one motorcycle driver was driving under suspension and had fictitious license plates. During an inventory of the motorcycle prior to impoundment, police found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the bike. He was charged with DUS, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. The woman driving the car failed a field sobriety check and was charged with O.V.I.

• Sept. 7: Police had just been dispatched to a barking dog complaint on 5th Street when they got tied up in the above incident. Police arrived about three hours later and apologized to the caller for the delay. Police heard the dog barking and discovered that its owner had fallen asleep and forgot to let the dog back in the house. He was advised.

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