2007-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Galliher


I support Ron Galliher for Liberty Township Trustee. Ron, as a long time resident of our township, sees the need to plan for the future. As an Ohio State Registered Professional Engineer Ron Galliher has the experience needed to provide intelligent decisions based on fact, while balancing our limited resources.

Most of us all have felt the crush of overcrowded schools, safety issues and increased taxes in our fiveschool districts. Ron's bold statement, "a need to plan ahead" is accurate as we undergo the results of uncontrolled growth around us. Ron Galliher believes it is morally wrong to demand ever-increasing taxes, making it difficultfor people to afford to keep their homes. Leadership, ethics and integrity must continue to keep Liberty Township heading on the right track.

Ron Galliher is the RIGHT CHOICE for Liberty Township Trustee.

Dale Jones Liberty Township

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