2007-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Wells discovers why township can't help the village


Several years ago as a village council member, I asked, 'What services does the village get in exchange for the $30,000 plus in property taxes village residents pay to Union Township?' The township discounts and stores road salt, lends us a bucket truck and employees to hang Christmas lights and mows a private fence line along East Street twice a year. ANYONE could contract privately and pay FAR LESS less than $30,000! (We pay for mosquito spraying.)

Union Township Trustee Candidate Charles Prince put a mailer out last week detailing salaries paid to Union Township staff. He also discovered that trustees pay more for THEIR health insurance than for resurfacing township roads! Now, I understand why they don't have anything left for Buckeye Lake.

According to Prince's information obtained through public records, each part-time trustee makes $11,010 a year, the part-time clerk/treasurer makes $19,267, the zoning inspector/ police captain makes $40,560 and the other two officersmake $37,440 and $16.50 per hour respectively.

The township road supervisor makes $25 per hour ($52,000 per year base) compared to Buckeye Lake's street supervisor at $12 per hour FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS!!! Hourly rates for three township road workers are $17.50, $15.50 and the part-timer gets $12.30. The hourly rate for the village street worker has been $8.00 an hour FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS!!!

Re-direct the $30,000 to our own road crew! We pay too little and the township pays too much. Support Charles Prince for Union Township Trustee!

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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