2007-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Lakewood voters thanked for past support


Thank you, to everyone who has voted in support of a Lakewood School Levy over the past years. We sometimes forget who really makes the difference.

You may be the neighbor down the street, a business owner, a teacher, or just a parent like us, but we value your support.

We are writing this letter to urge everyone to vote Yes for both Lakewood School issues on the ballot November 6th.

The health of our school directly impacts every aspect of our community. How we support our school district teaches our children the values and priorities of a community. Our kids are our future leaders of tomorrow. Let's give them every opportunity succeed.

Thank you! Abbi Elwer, President

Courtney Wilson, Vice President

Marilyn Fox, 2nd Vice President

Amy Bowman, Treasurer

Stacy Ault, Secretary

Amber Cummins, PTO Publicist

Amy Cahall, PTO Publicist

Jessica Tittle, Volunteer Coordinator

Becky Warthman, Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Camp, Fundraising Coordinator Hebron Elementary PTO Officers

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