2007-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Vote for Prince called a 'no brainer'


Union Township, which includes the Villages of Buckeye Lake and Hebron, selects a trustee Nov. 6. My friend, Charles Prince is one of two candidates. This is a no brainer vote, but I don't have a vote. Here's why I urge you to vote for Charlie.

The current trustees have collectively been in officemore than 40 years. Are they serving you or themselves? Let's just say I would like to have their health plan.

Where were your trustees when county commissioners proposed a 69% sewer rate increase? Did they go to battle for you? No!!! Charlie Prince and some volunteers fought that war and got the increase cut. That's public service.

Where have your trustees been while the Natural Resources Conservation Service is trying to fixour flooding problems. They've stood with a few opponents who keep throwing stumbling blocks instead of stepping stones toward a goal where everyone wins. Charlie won't let a small group destroy the greater good.

Charlie is The Beacon. It's made a huge contribution by publicizing both the good and bad. Charlie is old school. He believes that public servant means just that. Government is supposed to serve us, not the other way around. Public business must be done in public and you should have an opportunity to voice your opinions.

Charlie looks for solutions. He's not shy; you'll know where he stands. He loves this area like I love this lake. Put him to work for you on Nov. 6.

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

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