2007-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Popo for school board


Some of us were born and raised in Millersport, and we live here because it's always been home. But others choose to move to Millersport because they believe it's a special community. This is true for Vince Popo. With his wife Debbie, the Popos liked what they saw and felt in Millersport, and they moved here almost two decades ago. Since then they both have served our community in numerous ways. I'm not sure, but I think the school board may be the only local board on which Vince has yet to sit!

Vince and Debbie are two of the most personable people you will ever meet. They truly put their time, resources, and hearts into their public work. As retired educators, they are passionate about our school and the children of this community. Their son, Michael, is in 8th grade at Millersport Middle School. I think Vince would make an exemplary Walnut Township School Board member, and he will get one of my votes on November 6. I urge you to vote for Vince Popo as well.

Mark Thogmartin Millersport

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