2007-10-13 / Schools

Lakewood Digital Academy

The Lakewood Digital Academy is a local community school sponsored by the Lakewood Local School District. This school was created for any Lakewood student who wants to learn independently in his own home in grades K-12. There are two components to the Academy- on line (computer-based) education and home schooling education.

The first component, the on-line educational program, is provided entirely through a computer software program that may be accessed from any computer. This program is free of charge to parents and students. If desired, a computer is also available at no charge.

The second component is the home schooler's section. Parents who desire to home school their children are reimbursed for the cost of their curriculum materials and offered a computer for use in their education. There is no charge for this program and families are encouraged to select a curriculum which fulfillsthe educational goals established by their family.

For more information about the Lakewood Digital Academy, please contact Eva Pound-Bickle, Director at 404-7586.

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