2007-10-13 / Schools

Alignment/School Start Update

A huge thank you goes out to the Lakewood Realignment Task Force for their 17 months of attending meetings and helping plan out the processes that were used to implement the alignment of grades. Each and every mom and dad, teacher, bus driver, grandparent, community member, district supervisor, employee, and administrator that participated, your help was priceless.

As was anticipated it was a huge undertaking. Literally this big puzzle had hundreds of pieces. The teaching staff packed boxes and labeled furniture for the move. The maintenance department provided the muscle to move the hundreds of boxes, desks, and chairs between the schools. Building use schedules were adjusted for summer cleaning, construction projects, summer intervention and general maintenance. The schedules were tight, sometimes almost unrealistic, but all pitched in and made it work. Everyone worked through the dust, wet paint, and organized chaos. Thank you to the PTO moms, dads and children that spread mulch, cleaned, scraped, and painted the playground equipment tow days before school opened. Without your help these areas would not have been ready for the first day of school. Lastly, open houses took place and all schools opened on the scheduled date. Again, thank you to everyone that made our move successful.

Transportation was the last piece in the realignment puzzle. From the start of the process all knew this was a major component of the plan. As anticipated, it has been a work in progress. After the first two weeks of school all possible concerns were pretty well identified and plans were implemented to correct them. Bus drivers, parents, teachers, school neighbors, and administrators are all to be commended for their ideas to make the transportation transition as seamless as possible. Thank you to all for your patience during this process. (Information provided by Arnie Ettenhofer)

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