2007-10-13 / Editorials & Letters

More support for Lakewood ballot issues


As employees in the Lakewood Local School District, we would like to share a few major issues on the upcoming ballot regarding the Lakewood Local school levy. First, the emergency levy is a benefit to senior citizens, 65 years and older. They will receive a $25,000 homestead exemption approved by the Ohio General Assembly this summer. Thanks to this exemption, the renewal will cost senior citizens less money.

The proposed school district income tax applies to only earned income, not income from pensions, Social Security, interest, dividends or capital gains. Thus for most senior citizens, the income tax won't affect them.

The income tax is continuous, therefore no one can predict how long the district can stay off of the ballot. If the income tax revenue continues to grow, as it usually does, our district may not have to come back for more operating money as often.

Lakewood has cut more than $700,000 in expenses over the past two years while academic scores continue to increase. our state report card has improved by four indicators in the last year.

Please vote YES for the Emergency Levy (Issue 20) and Earned Income Tax (Issue 21).

John and Shelly Young Lakewood

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