2007-10-13 / Editorials & Letters

Writer supports Hart for Trustee


I recently discovered that Joe Hart was running for Licking Township Trustee. My acquaintance with Joe began after1980, when I was elected to the Lakewood Local school board.

Joe began attending our local meetings, became active in school district affairs and ran and was elected to the school board in 1981. In meetings Joe was very professional, ask questions when he didn't understand issues, researched these issues and formed good, logical positions. Once elected to the Board, he continued to exercise these good management traits and served the Board and local school district very well. He succeeded me as president, and led the district for fiveyears.

Joe and I did not always agree on the course of the Board, but he listened to my comments, formed his opinions based on facts and logic and always voted with the best interests of the school district. I found Joe to be an excellent resource; he is fantastic with research on subject matter, a good listener, and a man of conviction.

I personally feel that Joe will be an excellent addition to the Licking Township Trustees and he has my vote. I would urge the residents of Licking Township to seriously consider voting for Joe. He will do a good job representing the voters of Licking Township.

Larry Cox Harbor Hills

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