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More Letters: 'Watchdog' is still keeping an eye open


As I mentioned in a previous letter, on September 5th a lack of quorum caused a council meeting to be cancelled, but Mayor Bennie (Jim) Evans allowed a police officerto stand up and talk about ME to everyone who attended. According to public records, both police officersthat attended that meeting were PAID. Your tax dollars at work there! In addition, Zoning Inspector Tom Frederick notes that he also attended this "Council - non meeting." He, too, was PAID. This is a blatant disregard for spending your hard earned money. These PAID employees should have been OFF THE CLOCK at a NON meeting!

Other interesting notations in the Zoning Inspector's activity log are:

• "Met with Harry Ballinger - property code officeKirkersville" - 3 1/2 Hrs.

• Two letters - 2 1/2 Hrs.

• County Admin. Buildingflood plain info.; completed letter - 5 Hrs.

• Met with Mike Cloud on zoning issues - drove village - 2 Hrs.

The Zoning Inspector gets paid $9.00 per hour plus reimbursement for vehicle mileage and gasoline expenses. In addition, "the Zoning Inspector shall receive a minimum of two hours' pay for each new zoning permit issued."

The Flying J invoices show that the gasoline mileage on at least one cruiser has dropped to an all time low of 5.8 mpg! The August 1st minutes reflectthat the cruiser that was wrecked on the freeway is back in use BUT has not been repaired!

I got the following Mayor's Court totals from Buckeye Lake and Hebron in a matter of minutes with a friendly attitude by the employees at both entities, whereas Kirkersville is a month behind and it is very hard to reach someone in the office!

Mayor's Court totals for August, 2007:

Buckeye Lake -$ 1340.70 Hebron - $1690.00

Kirkersville - $8785.70!!!!

There is going to be a meeting TO DISCUSS WATER on October 24th. I hope that citizens FLOOD the building with their attendance.

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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