2007-10-06 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports. We should have Baltimore reports next week.

Buckeye Lake

• Sept. 29: A Walnut Road resident complained about a neighbor who was mowing his lawn at a late hour.

• Sept. 29: A Newark man was charged with domestic violence after getting into a physical fight with his girlfriend in Buckeye Lake.

• Sept. 30: A Walnut Road woman, who is a car dealer, reported that she sold a car to woman who skipped town with the vehicle and missed the first payment.

• Sept. 30: A Hebron motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle on Ohio 79, hit a no parking sign and slid into a ditch. He was riding without an operator's license. He was charged with no license and failure to control.

• Sept. 30: An Albanese Food Gallery employee reported receiving bad checks.

• Sept. 30: The Ohio State Highway Patrol requested Buckeye Lake Police to deliver a message to an E. Lynnwood residence.

• Sept. 30: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff's Department with an intentional overdose. The overdosed woman, who was conscious, was taken to the FairfieldMedical Center for treatment.

• Sept. 30: A Newark woman reported that a Buckeye Lake man hit her in the back of her head and leg. The man was charged with domestic violence.


• Sept. 1: Police were called at 1:31 a.m. about a man walking around a Hebron Road trailer park. He told police he had been visiting friends who had gone to bed. He was waiting for a cab. The cab arrived while police were there.

• Sept. 1: Police on patrol saw a vehicle parked on East Main Street with plates that expired in January 2000. After police confirmedthe tags, the vehicle was impounded.

• Sept. 1: Police were called to assist Buckeye Lake Police with an active domestic disputeon Seymour Avenue. It turned out to be a verbal dispute.

• Sept. 1: Police were called about a possible explosion on Maple Street. A 40-year-old man there told police he had set off a pop bottle bomb.

• Sept. 2: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40 and cited a motorist for travelling 69 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• Sept. 3: Police on patrol at 12:51 a.m. saw a man looking into the window at Captain Lancer's which was closed. He told police he was there to buy a game from the owner. Police advised him to return during business hours.

• Sept. 3: Police responded to a 9-1-1 hang-up call on North High Street. An 18-month-old granddaughter was playing on the phone.

• Sept. 3: A Cumberland Street resident told police that a hay hauler had torn down his phone line. Police made contact with the operator of the equipment.

• Sept. 4: Police on patrol at 1:40 a.m. noticed that the lights had been left on in a piece of construction equipment at the Cumberland Meadows development on Refugee Road. Police tried to turn off the lights but the cab was locked.

• Sept. 4: Police responded to a 9-1-1 hang-up call with a busy signal on call back on Broadway. A woman there told police her daughter was experiencing adverse reactions to medication. The squad took her to the hospital.

• Sept. 5: Police made a traffic stop on Canal Road and cited a driver for travelling 50 mph in a 25 mph zone.

• Sept. 5: Police were called about an out-of-control juvenile at Krogers. The girl had been screaming and using foul language. She refused to leave, but then left before police arrived.

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