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'Watchdog' answers


Oh, Dan Harper…you must not be paying attention or you would have known the answers to all your questions. But here goes:

1) My children's tickets were dismissed in a REAL court and the solicitor was lectured by the judge on not knowing the law.

2) The reputation of the Kirkersville Police was horrible when I was on council which is why I became their biggest critic. Mayor Bennie Evans CONDONED what they were and what they did. I was sued for asking to review public records (police files). That suit, too, was dismissed. Kirkersville Police also helped me rescue a dog and then a few days later charged me with stealing the same dog. That was also dismissed. All of this happened while I was on council!

3) No, I was not a member of council when Kilburn was the police chief and was told to stay off the freeway by the highway patrol. I'm glad you pointed that out though, because Bennie Evans was a member of council then! Maybe he could explain why he is allowing them on the freeway after being told to keep them off!

4) Yes, the police seemed to be writing a lot of tickets when I was on council. So I decided to do some research to findout what was going on. They were also ORDERING lots of tickets. In fact, they were ordering double sets of ticket books! (Tickets with the same numbers.) When I researched the tickets they were purchasing, I found that there were a thousand tickets unaccounted for! According to Mayor Bennie Evans, some of the officersthat left took ticket books with them.

5) Yes, we TRIED to do everything by the book. We were trained (just as the current mayor and council were) by the Ohio Municipal League and took our oath and duties to the people very seriously.

6) Lastly, I have no intentions of "trying to run the Buckeye Lake Council and Police Department" so, sorry, but there is no need for a parade!

Here are some interesting expenditures by the Kirkersville GOB's (Good Ole' Boys) for the month of August:

Bill Harper - Computer Jerk $ 652.50

Kleem,Inc. (signs) 508.75 SlonesTree Service 760.00

Payroll(excluding elected officials) 8,055.80

A&B Printing (tickets?) 312.60

Dayton Legal Blank (more tickets?) 288.58

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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