2007-10-06 / Editorials & Letters

Another Letter: Volunteer praised


All organizations rely on volunteers at one time or another. Sometimes the results are good and sometimes they are average at best. The Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society had a very unusual experience this summer. We had a volunteer who exceeded expectations in every task given to her. She was always cheerful, always willing and always got the job done.

Her name is Stephanie Helle, of Millersport. Maybe a look at Stephanie's heritages explains some of her attraction to the lake. Her great grandfather is virtually a legend to many senior citizens at the lake. He was the late Doc Wright who owned the pharmacy/ novelty store right in the middle of the amusement park.

Stephanie's work ethic so impressed our board that the society voted to give her $500 to help with her college expenses. The money came from our intern scholarship fund.

We wish her well in college this year and truly hope that she will come back to us next summer.

Mike Cassidy, Public Relations


Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society

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