2007-10-06 / Editorials & Letters

Writers thank Bill Ours for his help in returning The Queen to the lake


The Bon Voyage article was great, well written and a nice thank you to all the volunteers, along with a nice photograph. However, the most important person responsible for getting the Queen to our beautiful lake was sadly left out of the article.

Bill Ours of The Ours Garage & Wrecker Service, Inc. in Hebron spent much time, effort and money in transporting the boat from Salt Fork to the lake at no expense to the Civic Association.

Bill and his wife, Diana, made several trips to Salt Fork to prepare for the transport. Coordination had to be made with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, permits had to be secured, employees needed to be scheduled, etc., etc. This was not a simple matter like towing the family pontoon boat to the state park for the annual launching.

Let's all give a special thank you, along with a "special flag", to Bill and Diana Ours for their efforts.

Marque & Phyllis Debenport


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