2007-10-06 / Editorials & Letters

Three donors left off of The Queen II thank you list


Whenever you thank people publicly you take the risk of leaving someone out. Well, that's what happened last week when I was recounting the Queen of the Lake II donors to Charlie Prince - not once, not twice, but three times. I've got so much egg on my face, we could make an omelet and feed the BLASST crowd next summer. I must have gone brain dead for a few moments.

First, I left out Bill Ours and Ours Garage and Wrecker Service. Without Bill and his staff, our new Queen would still be at Salt Fork Lake. It's not a small matter to haul a huge pontoon boat on the highway. Permits and special equipment are required.

Second, The Queen would be still sitting on a trailer if Dave Levacy and the crew at Buckeye Lake Marina hadn't put her in the water for us. Dave also provided a place to store the Queen while we were fixing her up. He is also going to take her out for the winter and store her.

Third, we must thank the crew at Buckeye Lake Hardware and Majestic Paint for the Queen's spiffy new look. We needed more than elbow grease and Tom Siefert answered our call.

I'm embarrassed by these omissions, but I'm not going to take the easy way out the next time and just issue generic 'thank you's.' Of course, you can't leave anyone out that way, but I believe it's important to specificallythank our benefactors by name. Thankfully, our Buckeye Lake community is blessed with a number of incredibly generous individuals and businesses. They deserve to be thanked individually. Thank you, Bill, Dave and Tom! We couldn't have done it without you.

J-me Bogden, Director Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society

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