2007-09-29 / News

Hoskinson completes Celebrant training

KIRKERSVILLE - Rick Hoskinson, funeral director and owner of the Hoskinson Funeral Home in Kirkersville, recently completed a three-day workshop to become a Certified Funeral Celebrant. The training was held at the Worsham Mortuary College in Chicago, Illinois.

Funeral Celebrant Training is a new approach to personalized funerals. A Funeral Celebrant is a lay-person, clergy person or funeral director who has been trained to conduct funerals for families who do not wish to have a clergy person or a religious based funeral experience. Some people, as they move around the country, are not tied to a church. Others are not affiliated with a religion or theology and do not have a clergy person on whom to call in times of death. Some are uncomfortable with a traditional religious funeral ceremony.

Hoskinson's training included people from all over the country who will either offer these services to family who come to their funeral homes or individuals who will contract with funeral homes to offer these services to the community.

Celebrants offer personalized funeral services, tributes, memorial services, graveside memorials. They meet with the family to help them design a service that reflectsthe life and attributes of their loved one.

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