2007-09-29 / News

Free computer recycling at The Works

NEWARK - The Works museum is accepting donations of old computers and other electronic equipment. The equipment will be used for educational purposes in the museum's Invent Lab and then recycled.

"It's a great opportunity to dispose of your old electronics in a way that is environmentallyfriendly, and give kids a hands-on learning experience at the same time," said Aaron Keirns, director of marketing for the museum.

In the museum's Invent Lab, children use hand tools to take apart the donated computers, keyboards VCRs, telephones, radios and other electronic devices. The activities are supervised and all participants are required to wear safety goggles.

After discovering what's inside the electronic items, children can then use the parts to build or "invent" their own contraptions and objets d'art.

Items that can be accepted include: computers, keyboards, mice, CD, DVD and VCR players, telephones, game systems like Nintendo, radios and stereo equipment. Due to potentially hazardous components, the following items cannot be accepted: televisions, computer monitors, microwave ovens, smoke detectors, refrigerators or large commercial printers or copy machines.

Donations of electronic equipment can be dropped off at The Works, 55 S. First St. in Newark, Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. No appointment is necessary unless an item exceeds 50 pounds.

For more information about donating electronic equipment, contact Director of Museum Education, Joe Blankenship at 740-349-9277.

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