2007-09-29 / Editorials & Letters

Yates supported for Walnut Township Trustee


I campaigned for the three mill firelevy voters approved last November. In a letter to the Eagle Gazette supporting this levy, I stated I hoped the Walnut Township Trustees, Millersport and Thurston village councils would work together and form a unified Walnut Township Fire District. Our township is now supporting four firestations and duplicating equipment.

That was my plea to the elected officials in Walnut Township last November. I don't think the people that worked so hard to pass this levy ever dreamed we would be in the situation that exist today.

We now have taxpayers money being withheld from the Village of Millersport. Friction is so bad between the Millersport and Thuston firedepartments that they don't rely on each other for mutual aid, endangering lives, especially in MY COMMUNITY .

This game playing with the lives of the people in this community has to stop.

On November 6, we will be voting for one trustee. Bill Yates, Millersport Fire Chief, is running for township trustee. I have known Bill for 25 years, working with him at Walnut Township Schools. Bill has spent his life working for our community. He is now a retired school employee after serving as supervisor of maintenance, buses and janitors.

He cares about this township and I believe will work to do what is best for all residents of Walnut Township.

Marjorie Leitnaker Walnut Township

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