2007-09-29 / Editorials & Letters

Writer expects Buckeye Lake will welcome 'watchdog'


Watchdog, I am back for this one letter. I see you keep going after the police and anyone who questions your beliefs. Could the reason you are after the police is because your children have been given tickets?

The reason I am writing is you kept writing about the present. I want to ask you about the past. What was the reputation of the Kirkersville police when you were a member of village council: How many tickets were written then? If my memory is correct (which I am sure you will findfault with), the village has always had the reputation for writing a lot of tickets.

I believe the AAA on their trip tik had it marked as a speed trap. Were you a member of council when Kilbourne was the police chief and wanted radars and training to patrol the great mile strip of I-70 only to be told by the Ohio State Highway Patrol to stay off the freeway? I am sure you and your fellow members of the council did everything correctly and by the book!!

Finally, I am sure the people of Buckeye Lake can't wait for the great 'watchdog' to come to town and tell them how to run their council and police department. I am sure they are so grateful they will have a parade to celebrate your coming.

Dan Harper Kirkersville

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