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'Watchdog' answers pressing question - what will stop letters


According to public records from the Licking County Planning Commission, it looks like your tax dollars are being used to pay for a county job that Kirkersville Mayor/county rehab inspector Bennie (Jim) Evans' son-in-law, Steve Piatt messed up! The job is being "redone" by another contractor. It looks like it's going to cost almost $3,600 to fixthe mess.

Bennie Evans' former colleague at the county, Tom Frederick, is now the Kirkersville Zoning Inspector and is apparently keeping busy in town with "complaints." On one of the complaints, a copy is sent to both Mike Cloud and Mayor Evans. These three men, let's call them Tom, Dick and Harry, also can be seen on occasion having lunch together, no doubt to discuss what complaint they can come up with next!

Several months ago, when Bill Harper was the zoning inspector, a complaint was filed against me in which I was FALSELY accused of having someone living in a trailer that I used to have to store my animal supplies. Because some Tom, Dick or Harry drove by and saw a TV in the trailer, they assumed that someone was living there. They also questioned the electricity and plumbing in this trailer and didn't care that the trailer had been there for two years WITH the approval of the zoning inspector at that time.

So, they can consider this a complaint: It appears that current Zoning Commission Chair Mike Cloud is allowing his daughter to reside in a very small building in his yard. Village Clerk Johnny (Bob) Adkins confirmedthis and also that Mr. Cloud does not pay an extra sewer bill for this building. (Incidentally Cloud's daughter is on the Board of Public Affairs that oversees the sewer board.) Mr. Adkins did not know if Mr. Cloud got an occupancy permit which would ascertain if the building is safe for someone to live in. So Mr. Frederick, do your job and deal with this situation.

And, I hear that some of the GOB's have questioned what it would take to get me to stop writing. Here's the answer………. stop being a GOB! RESIGN!

Bonnie MansfieldBuckeye Lake

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